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Contents of plans and services

Number of customers・Production example

Great progress with the Tabelog 25,000 yen plan!

Number of customers

​Success points!

Up to 200 reservations around 10 per month

​Over 150 makeovers every month even in the off-season

Store information

Genre: Yakiniku

Number of seats: 70 seats

Customer unit price: 8,000 yen

​ Area: Tennoji Ward, Osaka City

Number of customers

Leap forward with Tabelog 25,000 yen plan 2

​Success points!

More than 30 reservations at stores that had no reservations at all

​ Support will start from February and immediate results! !

Store information

Genre: Seafood Izakaya

Number of seats: 50 seats

Customer unit price: 5000 yen

​ Area: Naniwa Ward, Osaka City

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Number of customers

Ikkyu RestaurantRecord-breaking record! !

​Success points!

Achieved a record high of 83 cases in March

83 cases compared to 31 cases in the same month last year, 2.6 times

MarchAs of the end of the month, there were 54 cases in April. 150 predictions for April

Store information

Genre: French

Number of seats: 35 seats

Customer unit price: 7000 yen

​ Area: Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City

Production example

The world of Japanese cuisine that charms you with the seasons

Omakase Kappo Hana Usagi

"Omakase Kappo Hanausagi" continues to preserve the taste of Naniwa's Kappo cuisine in Minami Senba. Although it is Japanese, you can enjoy creative dishes that are not bound by Japanese cuisine.

Based on the concept of "moonlit night party", the gentle name "Hanausagi" and the gentle personality of the owner and his wife are expressed in light warm colors and plant motifs. Orange, which is the theme color of the store, is placed here and there. After hearing from the owner, who has an unpretentious personality, I was impressed by the depth of Japanese cuisine and the way he does his job every day, striving to do the basics diligently. The contents were condensed on the page of "Shopkeeper's commitment".


"Japan Web Awards" 43rd Association Idea Award

Production example

Casual yakiniku that can be enjoyed alone or with a group

Yakiniku Sai

Yakiniku Sai is a casual yakiniku restaurant that can be enjoyed by families. It seems that the menu names are all written in hiragana in order to ``make them feel friendly,'' and the friendly personality of the owner is evident. Conveniently located in Osaka's Sakuranomiya, it stands quietly in the residential area and is familiar to the locals. A counter is also available, so you can casually enjoy yakiniku alone. The interior of the store is spacious and spacious, so of course it is perfect for families and drinking parties. In order for you to know the features of such a store, we created it with a fun and casual image.

"Japan Web Awards" 45th Association Unique Award

Production example

A blend of historical weight and simplicity

Grilled meat -Reimen Ichiryu

"Yakiniku Reimen Ichiryu" on Yakiniku Street in Tanimachi, Osaka. The entire store is like a gallery in a space carefully selected by the owner. Of course, we are also particular about the selection of meat ingredients, and you can enjoy rare cuts that you can't easily eat at other stores as they change daily. The deliciousness that I want you to eat for those who are not good at hormones. The authentic hand-made cold noodles are made by the owner himself after the order is placed. The site expresses the pride of the store with over 50 years of history and the image of the store owner who prefers simplicity.

"Japan Web Awards" 47th Design Award

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