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This document is for restaurant managers, restaurant managers, food and beverage industry marketing staff, public relations staff, and web staff who want to "attract customers" and are having trouble with "sales."

As a result of the changes in customer trends due to the corona crisis, the methods of attracting customers at restaurants have also changed significantly. We would like to introduce 6 excerpts from the point of view of "what we can do now at low cost" that can be used even during the corona crisis.

table of contents

1. Utilization of Google My Business (MEO measures)

2. Use of Instagram

3. "Easy" photography techniques that can be used at restaurants

4. Talk to regular customers and existing customers using the message function of the media

5. Try takeout and delivery

6. Analyze the cost-effectiveness of promotional media and strive to reduce promotional costs (with benefits)

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* This document is distributed to restaurant staff who want to "attract customers" and who are having trouble with "sales". Please note that we do not provide this information to other companies in the same industry.

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6 methods of attracting customers to restaurants that can be done "now" at "low cost"

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