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I want to attract more customers to my gourmet site!

For Gurunavi

Store E with a monthly contract of 10,000 yen(Beginner membership plan)

Your worries

E store information

Genre: Japanese cuisine

Number of seats: 120 seats

Customer unit price: 8,000 yen


It's 10,000 yen a month, but it's not effective in regular publication, so I'm posting it in a proposed special feature. Before I knew it, the monthly cost was about 50,000 yen. Although it is effective, I feel that other media would be more effective.

It's 10,000 yen a month, but if you put it on a special feature...

kriggle diagnosis


Krigle competes with the contents of gourmet media and maximizes the effect within 10,000 yen. Some of them have a track record of 3 times more reservations in a single month.
After that, we can also propose whether to publish a special feature or invest in other media.
If you have a monthly fee of 40,000 yen, there are many shops that do not use paid advertisements and make reservations without advertisements.


F store with multiple store contract

Your worries


F store information

Genre: Western food

Number of seats: 20 to 200 seats

Customer unit price: 4,000 yen

Is it profitable to post for less than 10,000 yen per store!?

In the case of Gurunavi, there is a discount system for corporations with multiple stores. If all stores are effective, it is a great deal, but if only one store is effective, you need to review the contract details. However, there are concerns about rising costs.

kriggle diagnosis

It's best to make full use of free sites to advertise rather than forcefully advertising. By increasing the number of advertisements and increasing exposure, you can expect results that exceed the advertising effect of 10,000 yen per store.

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How to get results with Gurunavi?

We determine whether the customer who browses finds Gurunavi by searching the Internet or searches within Gurunavi, embeds keywords, organizes content, and proposes effective coupons to increase reservations_d04a07d8 -9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_!

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