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Inbound service

Inbound demand to boost sluggish domestic demand. With the support of the Olympics, etc., Japan will be greatly internationalized as a tourism powerhouse in the future.


The advertisements that can be seen from overseas are completely different from those in Japan, and it is a little-known spot that each store has not been able to deal with yet. Now is your chance to take the lead.

We also offer low-cost customer service tools that look ahead to the next generation for post-visit support.

If you leave it to us, you can ride the wave of the times.

L store worried about inbound turnover rate

Your worries

L store information

Genre: Teppanyaki

Number of seats: 70 seats

Customer unit price: 8,000 yen

Foreign language menus are available, but it takes time to serve customers...

I have a menu for 3 countries, but I'm having trouble dealing with the details. There are times when order loss occurs due to poor communication. I know it's a chance, but I'm not sure if I should accept it.

A translation app that connects video calls to foreign operators

Amazing efficiency and sales with customer service using a translated website


If you introduce Krigle's live translation app and foreign language compatible website, it will be very useful in various situations. With live translation, operators in 11 languages can translate 24 hours a day over the videophone, so they will respond kindly while watching you.
If you put your smartphone in between and talk to the customer in real time, it will translate and speak in real time, so you can communicate freely without any discomfort.
Also, I asked Krigle to create a website that supports English, Chinese, and Korean, so that customers who come to the store can see the menu page and the specialty page with the QR code.
The order has become faster, and we have started to order various dishes in addition.
What's more, since customers view the website on their smartphones, they may introduce acquaintances, travel agencies, etc. later.
I was able to transform into an international store at once!

M store worried about inbound customer unit price

M store information

Genre: Yakiniku

Number of seats: 45 seats

Customer unit price: 5,000 yen

Your worries

You can only ask for all-you-can-eat or easy-to-understand menus,,,

​ When foreigners come, the unit price drops and they don't choose the meat that is the specialty of the store. what's wrong After all, I have no choice but to do my best with domestic demand.

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Find out why with Krigle Consulting!

​ Get a firm response and the problem will be solved at once!

Krigle's sales staff are very knowledgeable about foreign meat culture. He also thoroughly analyzed and explained what was lacking in my store. By using menus, signboards, and websites, I now have fewer free days and for some reason the number of domestic customers has increased. I wonder if it looks like a popular store because the store is crowded? I'm just thinking.

​I learned a lot about posting on overseas sites, and now I can make reservations by email from overseas without spending money. I was worried at first, but they also taught me how to translate the reservation email. I am able to communicate with customers.

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