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I want to attract more customers to my gourmet site!

For Tabelog

A store information

Genre: Izakaya

Number of seats: 150 seats

Customer unit price: 3,500 yen

Tabelog sales do a lot of things, but...

One window!

After introducing Kriggle

Since it also handles exchanges with paid contract media other than Tabelog, it is possible to update at once at one point of contact. It was helpful to upload achievements other than the eating log!

Moreover, the eating log is 20% UP! In conjunction with that, reservations for Hot Pepper have increased by 150%!

Your worries

Since we put out multiple advertisements, when we change the menu, we have to call other media and say the same content many times.

​ It's quite a hassle...

A store that pays 50,000 yen a month(Premium 5 contract)

B store paying 25,000 yen per month(Basic Plan S contract)

B store information

Genre: Meat bar

Number of seats: 30 seats

Customer unit price: 4,500 yen

Your worries

I don't have time to update!

There are things I want to update, but I'm busy with my daily work and I can't keep up with the updates.

Before I knew it, I was having problems interacting with customers, such as out-of-season menus being posted.

Kriggle can substitute!

After introducing Kriggle

Kriggle contacts me once a week, presenting current issues, analysis results, and suggestions for improvement. I'm happy to be able to entrust you with various things.
After introducing Krigle, the number of reservations around 10 per month increased to about 30, and during the busy season there were 50 reservations. At first, I was reluctant to pay Tabelog + Krigle, but it was profitable enough, and even including the money I spent on Tabelog, I was able to improve my profit!

C store with free listing

Your worries

C store information

Genre: Teppanyaki

Number of seats: 23 seats

Customer unit price: 7,500 yen

How effective is it in attracting customers if you switch to a paid plan?

I used a paid plan once in the past for half a year, but there was almost no effect. After that, it's still free for the time being, but if you can expect an effect, you can try it again. But it's unpredictable and I'm worried...

I don't have time to update!

Kriggle is predictable!

After introducing Kriggle

Krigle calculates what happens if you change to a plan of 10,000 yen or 25,000 yen based on the contract plan and access status of nearby stores, and how many reservations will be made based on the average price and the popularity of the genre. As a result, it was very easy to make judgments because it was possible to predict the general income and expenditure.

At our store, the tabelog is still posted for free, and we can expect the effect of advertising using other sites, so when we tried it, we actually got 20 reservations every month from the internet!

D store that manages multiple stores

D store information

Genre: Japanese cuisine

Number of seats: 50 to 80 seats

Customer unit price: 6,500 yen

Your worries

no time to update

Two people are updating 10 stores and 40 media. Throughout the year, updating advertisements is not the only job of the head office, so I inevitably put it on the back burner.
I have ideas and content that I want to update, but I can't always get my hands on it and leave it as it is. I still have some reservations, but if I could update it, I should be able to extend my reservations.

How effective is it in attracting customers if you switch to a paid plan?

If it's Kriggle, we'll update it all together!

After introducing Kriggle

You can change the seasonal menu, change the course, and add a sense of the season to the photos, etc., and the reservation rate has increased significantly. It was clear that I had lost a customer until now.
What's more, since it's an Osaka company, they regularly visit our stores, report store information that we haven't fully grasped, and even give us strategy ideas. It's perfect.

Our sales representatives and technical support staff, who are familiar with the mechanism of Tabelog, will estimate the cost-effectiveness from nearby data and optimize the plan.

​We will make the most of the optimized plan functions, firmly express your restaurant's appeal, increase access and improve the reservation rate.

What is the Tabelog Winning Method!?

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