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I want to attract more customers to my gourmet site!

For hot pepper

G store with monthly payment of 120,000 yen

Your worries

G store information

Genre: Yakiniku

Number of seats: 32 seats

Customer unit price: 6,500 yen

It works, but the monthly fee is high...

​ Coupon reservations are effective and helpful in terms of attracting customers, but if the monthly fee exceeds 100,000 yen, it is quite a burden. On the other hand, I may not be able to attract customers without Hot Pepper, so I'm afraid and I can't move.

After introducing Kriggle

After introducing Kriggle

​ You can now attract customers with Google and various free advertisements before lowering the monthly fee for Hot Pepper. Since I was able to replace the increase with hot pepper, I was able to lower the plan with peace of mind, and as a result, I was able to lower the advertising plan with peace of mind.

No way, it's honestly "surprise" that free advertising is so effective.

H store with monthly payment of 10,000 yen

H store information

Genre: Italian

Number of seats: 45 seats

Customer unit price: 4,800 yen

Your worries

I can't get a reservation...

I've been using Hot Pepper for quite a while, but I haven't been able to get any reservations... but I don't have the energy to move on to another ad because I'm still under contract...

High monthly fee...

After all, when changing the menu, other media are also done at the same time, so it takes time and effort!

After introducing Kriggle

After introducing Kriggle

A few days after the sales person asked me about various menus, I received a proposal for the contents of the coupon. In fact, they thought about the customer base passing through the street, coupons that could attract nearby companies and facilities, etc. As a result of having them renewed, reservations began to come in within a month, and in the end, even after Hot Peppa's contract renewal, Hot Pepper continue to use I was able to get my hands on the next advertisement with the sales that I managed to raise there. I have been offered various services so far, but I think that Krigle is a really good service.

What is the hot pepper strategy? ? ? To

I can't tell you about the special move here, but Hot Pepper will grow if you try to differentiate yourself from other popular restaurants in the neighborhood and change the content based on a thorough understanding of the local customer base.

​I think hot peppers that are strong in reservations will be a strong ally for your store.

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