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I want to attract more customers to my gourmet site!

For Ikyu.com

The I store that has succeeded in attracting Ikkyu customers

IStore information

Genre: French

Number of seats: 20 seats

Customer unit price: 12,000 yen

After all, when changing the menu, other media are also done at the same time, so it takes time and effort!

The sales representative will do various things, but...

Your worries

The effect is amazing, but the 8% fee is high...

30 groups and 90 people have booked for one month, which is very helpful, but paying 86,400 yen is quite a burden...

​I wonder if I can do something...

kriggle diagnosis

The effect of Ikkyu is very effective when certain conditions are met. However, if the store has a lot of monthly fees, you can hear the voice of less than 1 million yen.

​Instead of setting Ikkyu to 0, we decide the ratio of Ikkyu according to the budget of the overall advertising cost, and use other media such as "Tabelog" to attract insufficient customers. to maximize the effect. In addition, you can get reservations by making full use of free sites, so you can reduce overall advertising costs.


J store information

Genre: Kappo

Number of seats: 40 seats

Customer unit price: 10,000 yen

Your worries

I want to increase the number of plans, but I don't have time...

​I want to increase the number of plans, but considering a new course takes a burden such as purchasing. If you give a course discount, you lose more profit in addition to the commission.

kriggle diagnosis

Through frequent meetings, we will increase variations while making the most of existing courses. At that time, it is possible to propose content that successfully connects the customer base that Ikkyu is good at and the customer base that you want. We will make proposals including purchase costs and methods that do not impair profits with discounts, and when creating courses, it is possible to communicate with Ikkyu on behalf of your store, so the burden on your store can be greatly reduced. .

Ikkyu effect began to wear off​K store

K store information

Genre: Chinese

Number of seats: 100 seats

Customer unit price: 8,000 yen

Your worries

Hard to update plan

The plan is always changing and devising, and the customer is satisfied, but there is no time to reflect it in Ikkyu.

dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy

kriggle diagnosis

At Kriggle, we will hold frequent meetings with you to understand your store's strategy and make various proposals. We will also handle the exchange of decided content and photographic materials on your behalf, so you can have a single point of contact and create an "advertising department" in your store.

Compared to other media, Ikkyu Restaurant is a site that specializes in course coupons, with simpler content. The initial investment is small and there are no monthly fixed costs, so if you are a shop that passes Ikkyu's examination, there is no loss in contracting.

We can provide support that meets the needs of the store, such as new introduction of Ikyu, update of contents, breaking away from dependence on Ikyu. We can also take care of the communication with Ikkyu's sales person on behalf of you, so you can reduce the burden.

Specializing in course coupons...

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