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Increase the web traffic of restaurants


While many stores are in trouble due to the effects of the coronavirus, we have changed the overall web advertising policy of each contracted store immediately after the outbreak, anticipating decreasing and changing needs and taking measures to overcome them. increase.

We have received many consultations from stores that have been hit hard by the slump in inbound demand, and I think there are many things we can do to help.

We will help you with measures that will not lose because of this adversity.

Clear achievement! "Sales standard" is effective!

our company'sSupport record


Three months after launch, 68% of stores succeeded in increasing average monthly sales by 1.14 million yen

Reducing the burden of attracting diversifying web customers

Centralized management of multiple sites

Management of gourmet sites is difficult to manage multiple sites every day, no matter how many reservation systems are installed.

We can reduce the burden on the head office, which collectively manages each store and multiple stores.

Management efficiency is "1/number of sites"!

As of March 2020: Compatible with Ikyu, OZ Mall, Retty, Hitosara, Yahoo Dining, TripAdvisor, Yelp

It was a lot of work just to ask each sales representative to update the three sites of Tabelog, Gurunavi, and Hot Pepper. On top of that, I keep adding to it year by year, so the content becomes a mess and I can't organize it.

​I know that customers won't want to make a reservation with this content, but...

In such a case, leave it to "Krigle"! Your store will centrally manage all the contracted advertisements!

Professional writers and designers are updated from the customer's point of view!

​ What's more, the proposal from here to your store is included in the basic fee! feel safe! Easy!


Optimize ballooning ad spend

We are advertising hundreds of thousands of yen a month, but the number of customers does not increase as expected.

How much is the advertising cost, and which plan should be posted on which medium?


Decision indicators based on extensive experience

​user characteristics
​user characteristics

Identify waste by verifying the characteristics of each site and whether or not you are getting the customers you want and need.

​In addition to this, unit price and customer orientation are also criteria for judgment

​ access attribute
スクリーンショット 2019-05-16 11.11.24.png

A unique program developed by our company verifies the correlation between reservations and visits on a daily basis to identify which are the "true user acquisition sites".

The adequacy of advertising expenses is calculated by the target profit amount and profit rate based on the number of seats, unit price, etc.

However, when I ask an advertising person, "Your store is good" or "I don't have an option/feature, why don't you include it?" It seems that which store is taking reservations for 100 pairs at Hitosara?"

Krigle will help you formulate an appropriate advertising strategy based on past achievements and extensive experience of other nearby stores.

​Maximize sales at a reasonable price! And aim for full seats, high turnover, and high unit price according to the store! Such a thing can be realized.

Break through the limits of paid sites with other sites

Prioritize free sites.

スクリーンショット 2019-05-16 14.35.36.png

finally caught fire

using Google My Business

​The point of attracting customers is “First win!”


What is Google My Business

Place the location and store information of restaurants on Google Maps.

The displayed information is automatically determined according to certain rules.

Recently, TV commercials have been announced by area, and you can search directly from your smartphone on Google.

The number of users looking for restaurants is overwhelmingly increasing, and the number of visitors is increasing compared to gourmet sites.

​ overwhelmingly many.

Effect of attracting customers using Google My Business

Increase in same-day jump-in customers

Store information can be displayed based on the user's current location.

Increase access to gourmet sites

Flow into the gourmet site from the "link" created in Google My Business.

You can earn overwhelming access without raising the plan of the gourmet site.

Increase in phone bookings directly from Google

​By making your Google My Business information and photos attractive, you will receive a reservation call directly from Google.

スクリーンショット 2019-05-17 11.56.32.png

Google My Business does not require a monthly fee to Google!

Listing on Google My Business is free. By using and operating this well, it is possible to attract customers with good cost efficiency.

Google My Business needs MEO measures

The display ranking of Google My Business is determined by comprehensively looking at the information of your store on the entire web.

If you do not manage the information on the WEB firmly as a whole, you will not be able to display high ranking in popular words.

​In addition, it takes a lot of time, information, and effort to find out what words are popular in the area where the store is located, and what words match the characteristics of your store. It's something that won't work without it.


Therefore, we undertake MEO measures for Google My Business. Analyze your store's trade area and always catch popular words in the trade area. We will thoroughly analyze the characteristics of your store and acquire high-ranking display with "live popular words that can attract customers" that match.

​ Since it is impossible to acquire the "big word" that is often heard around the world due to MEO measures, middle words and multiple word combinations lead to attracting customers saying "I got high ranking!" We do not use methods that do not

"Our company can increase the number of customers and sales of the store with MEO measures"That's why.

​Taking measures now will differentiate you from other stores

Google My Business MEO measures do not differ in display ranking depending on the monthly fee. (excluding listings)

By starting ahead of other stores, the evaluation from Google will accumulate, so the longer you take measures, the more stable the top display will be, and the more words that can be displayed at the top will increase.

​ If your store is in the top, word of mouth will increase and the amount of information will increase.


In order to attract customers with Google My Business's MEO measures, it is not enough to have only high-ranking display and access UP

Reservation route after Google My Business MEO measures

スクリーンショット 2019-05-17 12.35.34.png

What happens at a typical MEO company

  1. We succeeded in implementing MEO measures, but the number of reservation calls from Google did not increase, just because access and display ranking increased. (I will not respond to that)

  2. ​Access to Tabelog from Google My Business increases, but Tabelog reservations do not increase. (Only MEO measures are taken)

Amazing point of our MEO measures

  1. Manage your Google My Business information to make it attractive to users and make them want to book

  2. ​We will propose to your store to update the eating log in line with the motives of user access acquired through Google My Business, and perform the update on your behalf.

If you don't do this, GoogleMEO doesn't make sense

"Krigle" is based on the experience of specializing in restaurants

No matter where the users searching for restaurants come from

​It can make you think "I want to go to your store"

If you want to attract customers on the web of a restaurant, go to Krigle

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